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Determining the Right Course

For Your Investment Strategy

Why Invest with TrustCore?

The Principles that Guide Us:

Strategic Approach

We balance risk and return to maximize your earnings over time while minimizing the impact from market volatility. All portfolios are also aligned strategically with your goals and defined risk tolerance.

Long-Term Mindset

We do not believe in timing the market and take a long-term view. However, we will tactically tilt portfolios when opportunities arise and to adapt to changing macro conditions.

Astute Asset Allocation

We believe asset allocation is the key driver of portfolio performance, and while our portfolios are global in nature they have a slight preference to U.S.-based investments.

Wide Array of Investments

We employ various investment vehicles including ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, equity options, interval funds, private placements and separately managed accounts to achieve desired outcomes on your behalf.

Low-Cost, Tax-Efficient

We strive to keep portfolios as low cost as possible but may use a manager with higher fees if we believe you’ll get better returns. We also aim to minimize your tax burden any way that we can.

How We Select Investment Offerings for You

Our investment management service is available as either a standalone service or as part of the financial planning process. Whichever option you choose, our process for selecting and monitoring your investments stays the same:


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Assess performance objective and process, for both security selection and portfolio construction, that is sensible, clearly defined and repeatable.


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Experience, ability, stability and alignment of interests is key in delivering performance.

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Evaluate over a suitable time horizon, against an appropriate benchmark.


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A culture of stewardship puts clients first by aligning manager interests, charging reasonable fees, and treating client investments as they would with their own.



What’s Truly Possible with Your Wealth?

We aren’t just dedicated to the technical aspects of your portfolio to help you get a good return. Your investment portfolio can be a platform that supports your life fulfillment. If you’re curious about how we can help you invest or you’d like to learn more about our approach, we invite you to reach out to our team.

Complimentary eBook: You're Ready To Retire ... Or Are You?

Our eBook explores 7 of the most common retirement planning mistakes we see pre-retirees make.

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