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TrustCore Institutional

Helping Your Organization Fulfill Its Purpose

Nonprofits & Foundations

Face Unique Financial Challenges

Nonprofits and foundations are incredibly innovative and resourceful, but staffing levels often require management and team members to wear many hats and work long hours just to ensure the agency’s programmatic bases are covered.

We understand the complex landscape in which nonprofits and foundations operate. TrustCore Institutional’s experienced team can help you navigate the investing, governance, stewardship and management challenges you face, so you can focus on the heart of your work.


Live out your mission with us as your Outsourced Chief Investment Officer.

How We Can Help

Cash Management

TrustCore Institutional will work with your organization to manage your cash flow needs. We can help your organization access best-in-class cash management solutions that offer competitive yields without sacrificing liquidity and the security of FDIC coverage.

Investment Management

TrustCore Institutional acts as a fiduciary and will assist you in meeting your obligation to safeguard and grow your agency’s assets. TrustCore has been building customized portfolios for clients for over 35 years and can deploy a wide range of investment options to construct a portfolio that meets your organization’s needs and aligns with your values.

Audit & Tax Return Support

Our team has significant experience with nonprofit and foundation audit and tax return preparation. We can assist your organization with general audit and tax return questions, preparation of investment footnotes for your audited financial statements, and provide information to your CPA to assist with the preparation of your 990 or 990-PF.

IPS & Governance Assistance

Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a foundational document establishing guidelines and parameters for your investment portfolio. We assist clients with the design and implementation of their IPS. In addition, we can review or help you establish internal controls policies and procedures to safeguard organizational assets.

Ongoing Education & Analysis

TrustCore Institutional’s team provides ongoing board education to build comfort and confidence in the asset classes and investment instruments in the portfolio. In addition, our team can provide you with investment research and analysis to better inform your fiduciary decisions.

Referral Resources

Our team has developed relationships with many service providers who work extensively with nonprofits and foundations. We can connect you with providers in many disciplines: CPAs, bookkeepers, lawyers, board/team development, employee benefits, grant writers, business insurance, realtors, impact measurement and more.

Meet Your Financial Advocate

Matt Deeb

Matt Deeb

Director Of Trustcore Institutional

Phone: (615) 277-9487  |  Fax: (615) 522-5397
Email: matt.deeb@trustcore.com

Matt Deeb is the Director of TrustCore Institutional, leading the firm’s efforts for nonprofit and foundation clients. Matt brings a spirit of service to working with nonprofits and foundations and is passionate about helping organizations achieve their missions. He works with clients to customize investment strategies designed to meet their goals and monitors their portfolio's performance against these objectives.

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Managing Your Organization’s Finances

So You Can Focus On Your Mission

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